Tux ties for sale!

As I have been earning my living from Linux over quite a few years my favourite tie was one I bought at a Linux conference in the late 1990s with Tux the linux mascott on it.

As people have pointed out it was starting to look past its best I looked around on the Internet for a replacement. To my dismay it was not as easy as I thought. I toyed with going to Zazzle or Cafe Press and doing a custom one of my own however my meagre skills as a tie designer and the high price of a 'one off' production run made me think again.

I thought there must be many other people like me using Linux in professional Necktie wearing situations who would like the opportunity to show support for their favourite operating system (20 years old this year).

I found Michelsons who design ties for Clubs and other organisations and with permission from Larry Ewing the inventor of Tux got them to do a new take on the classic Tux tie. More Tuxen than before.

From the distance these ties look like lust a nice repeating motif on a background of 'Antartic Blue' or 'Revolutionary Red'. However come closer and people will be able to identify you as a fellow Linux user.

You can buy these ties now using Google Checkout. They would make ideal Christmas presents if you have any Linux Geeks in the family! Or if you want to buy in quantity just drop me a line and we can work something out.

The model for the pictures is of course Tux - the original mascott of the UK Unux Users Group Linux SiG back in 1995.

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